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Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Ever Cruise Mushaira In Dallas

Noor Amrohvi

(DALLAS, TX) Al-Noor International organized a first of it’s kind Hindi / Urdu Cruise Mushaira (Poetry Recitation) held on the waves of Grapevine Lake on Friday, June 5, 2009 in Dallas, TX.

Famous Urdu language poetess from Pakistan – Mrs. Zakia Ghazal, and well-known Hindi poetess from India Dr, Anita Soni were the star attraction, and were especially invited to present their poetry on this event, which was presided by Poet Younus Aijaz.

The event was hatched by none other than Mr. Noor Amrohvi, a well-known poet, and a famous personality among Urdu/Hindi language literary circles of Al-Noor International, who with his brilliant idea, organized this event on the waves of Grapevine Lake onboard a double deck-cruise vesel “Lone Star Lady of Texas”. This was the first of it’s kind Hindi / Urdu Mushaira (Poetry Recitation) 2009 in the history of Dallas, TX.

This memorable and historical poetry recitation (Hindi/Urdu Mushaira 2009) was attended by many local poets, including poetess from Pakistan and India.
The Mushaira was inaugurated by Owais Naseer, who welcomed the guests and invited on stage, the presider (chief of event), Mr Younus Aijaz, Urdu poetess from Pakistan Mrs. Zakia Ghazal, Hindi poetess from India Dr. Anita Soni, and chief guest Dr. Abha Aggarwal, who visited especially from New York to grace this occasion.

Famous poet, and PTV producer Mr. Iqbal Haidar mentioned about recent loss of Late Syed Hanif Akhgar, and dedicated this event in memory of this famous poet and Urdu literary personality, whose absence was greatly felt by those in Urdu literary circles. The audience welcomed this gesture and dedicated a “moment of silence” in his memory.

Mr. Noor Amrohvi highlighted the difficulties encountered in organizing this event. He also thanked the sponsors who contributed in making this event a successful one, including Mr. Hamid Abbas (and his team) of Texas King, who contributed the dinner in honor of the audience. He also thanked the contributions and help of Mr. Syed Azhar Bukhari, Mr. Jaipal Reddy, of Radio Salaam Namaste 104.9 FM and owner of Everest Heights,Mansoor shah and Mr. A.G. Cheeni (well known Radio Host), Dr. Amer Sulaiman (practicing Cardiologist), Mushtaq Ahmed (the author), Javed Siddiqui, Salim Akhtar, and Jawed Ansari who were instrumental and helpful in organizing this event.


Apart from the organizer and host poet Mr, Noor Amrohvi, who recited his poetry, local poets included Hamid Abbas, hassan Hashmi, Jawed Siddiqui, Rajeev Chakravarthy, Alam Siddiqui, Javed Rasheed, Nahed Shah, Zahra Chisti, Jawed Chowdhary, Tariq Hashmi, Iqbal Haidar, Khalid Khaja, Dr, Amer Suleman, Dr, Qaisar Abbas, Nadir Durrani, Saied Qureshi, and Sarwar Alam Raaz,

Guest Poetess from Pakistan Mrs Zakia Ghazal, and Hindi language guest poetess from India Dr. Anita soni were in the forefront, who attracted the audience with their melodic voice and heart-touching poetry on the waves on Grapevine Lake made the evening a memorable one for audience and poets.

The weather, with mild chilly-wind blowing on full-moon night was loved by the audience. Captain Ben and his team showed their gracious mastery of “Lone Star Lady of Texas” full throttle (speed) on the waves of Grapevine Lake. Laura Lemley’s (owner and operator of the vessel) co-operation was also appreciated.

The heart-winning and thought-provoking poetry by Mrs. Zakia Ghazal was applauded by audience. After completing four-hour cruise on the waves of Grapevine Lake, when the vessel reached ashore, the audience were fresh, happy, and satisfied to have participated and attended this “historical”, once-in-a-lifetime experience. The audience and guest poets appreciated Mr. Noor Amrohvi’s accomplishment in organizing this event, and also thanked Hamid Abbas and his team (Texas King) for the dinner. Everyone appreciated the event and congratulated the organizers, sponsors, and volunteers, who made this event successful, which was done to promote inter-cultural, inter-religious, inter-linguistic, and regional co-operation among citizens of India and Pakistan, residing in the United States.


avatarMohammad bin Qasim
Salaam to you all.

For and on behalf of Akhgars (The Haneef Family), we thank you very much for dedicating this unique Poetry Voyage to his memories.

As some of you might be aware, a Tribute Web Book Project has been launched by the Akhgars. This can be viewed at:

If the event was video taped, we request you to please provide us a clip about Iqbal Haider's and others words spoken about late Sufi Poet Syed Mohammad Hanif Akhgar Maleehabadi.

Thanks, and best regards.

Mohammad bin Qasim
Justuju Media

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